Become a Member of Non Governmental Organization

NGO membership is available to persons whose interests, activities, and/or background are consistent with the purposes of the Association. Associate membership can include those who are active in, or engaged in leadership positions of, a non-governmental organization, whether or not the organization is a member of the Association. The following procedure applies for NGO.

Member Benefits

  • Participate in joint activities, events and advocacy to leverage your work.

  • Participate in the network’s thematic working groups or initiate a working group on your thematic priority.

  • Benefit from capacity building activities of the network, learn from others and share your expertise with others.

  • Promote your organization's work to a global audience.

  • Network, share and exchange knowledge and experience within the network.

  • Enlarge your personal and professional networks

  • Actively contributing to the development of policies and strategies.

  • Participating in the General Assembly;

  • Being elected as a member of Vijoriya Foundation’s Executive Committee.

  • Get the Certificate of Membership.

Member Commitments

In addition to the basic responsibilities, members are invited to commit to the following:

  • Participate in and contribute to the General Assembly, surveys and consultations, and other events.

  • Engage in joint advocacy.

  • Participate in and contribute to working groups.

  • Share information and good practices with the network and establish links to other networks and coalitions

  • Raise awareness to connect potential new members and donors.

  • Raise funds for joint projects.

Member Responsibilities

As a member of Vijoriya Foundation you are responsible to

  • Fully adhere to the statutes, organizational policies and rules of Vijoriya Foundation.

  • Pay annual membership fee each year in advance and provide annual budget and accounts of member organization.

  • Ensure allocation of time/human resources for the engagement with the network, in order to contribute to the strategic objectives.

  • Inform Vijoriya Foundation of any significant changes in the organization, such as change in contact person, name change, change of statutes, vision or mission.

  • Inform the Secretariat of their separate work with strategic partners of Vijoriya Foundation, that might be overlapping or conflicting.