Theory of Magic " The Belief"

The belief takes very important role in every creature’s life on this planet weather its belief in Science, God & Goddess, Angels, Animals, Magic, Black Magic, in own self or any other. In actual the one who have belief in anything is giving owns energies to certain imaginary unknown entities which can’t be seen or known at first, we can say in the air. The stronger the belief you have the stronger you are giving own energies to certain imaginary thing in the air and with time his energies start giving shape to it according to his belief. This is the basic principle of all science, magical, black magical, religious and many other evolutions on this planet.

If only one person having any belief in certain thing either of possibility or existence than his energies might not having enough intensity to create certain thing in starting but his continuous belief creates a flow of energies to that particular thing and this flow of energies start creating his belief in reality. If his belief in god than whatever his belief in god, the god will start to do his magical things according to his belief. If his belief is in science than science will do his magical things and start creating new technologies & discoveries, if his belief in black magic than black magic will start to do his magic thing according to his belief. Even you can create your own belief in anything and according to your belief; things will start working for you. This is the only reason there are about 4300 religions in the world and science also do all magical things and also back magic or occultism works in better ways. The large numbers of people have same belief than more energy will flow in same belief and it could work more perfectly.

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Theory of God

“God lives in every human body” that is 100% true but every human is god that is 100% false , we can say 5-10% of god part lives in human body. But now i have a question in my mind “ What is God ?” every religion has their own God. I really don’t know what is God and hope no one on the earth knows what is God, we have just assumed their is something who feed us, care us, make our wishes true, gives us power to live , who runs the world or universe. These are the broad common assumption that we heard in all religions. Or sometimes we makes our God some other Human being like Monk, Shadhus, Gurus that gives us direction to live and remove our hurdles. I am not saying that these human beings are not God , Yes they are God but only for them people whom they can guide or make their wishes true. Now you could think that why only these gurus treated like god why not us????

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Theory of Ancient Internet

The term internet is well known to everybody in the today’s world. There would be hardly a few populations who won’t have access to the internet. The basic ideology of internet is to connect each other via a link to share information from one host to other and vice versa and the connection of such information sharing hosts at large number becomes the internet. Firstly it was done with the wired communication channel and later as technology developed, wireless communication channel become the best fit for the internet. Using internet to assess the information, we have particular link to get the information shared on that particular link, such links are called URL or web link or websites.

Internet was firstly originated in 1960s, and human are living on the earth form thousands of centuries. Don’t you think before the internet was invented in device form, humans won’t have access to information sharing technologies in another forms of human mind capabilities.

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