Vijoriya Foundation now provides open platform for research, who is desirous to work for mankind by doing any research and writing their own article/video, paper, survey, thoughts, philosophy in your interest of work under the name of Vijoriya Foundation as volunteer work. There is no limitation on subject of interest, you can choose any topic.

Our Broad Topics of Interests:

  • Environmental and Health care
  • Public Health
  • Social causes
  • Education (all level)
  • Psychology
  • Soul/ God/ Divinity/ Spirituality/ Tantra

What you have to do:

You have to work as volunteer from your place, there no need to move anywhere for our work and you are free to work in your free time. To consider be your work as volunteer in our organization you have write any research article, paper, journal on interest topic and submit that to R&D ( research and development ) section of Vijoriya Foundation by email.

Our Requirements:

The work you have done either by your own choice or under the supervision / guidance of our team have to match minimum quality standard.

1. The work should have uniqueness.

2. Writing should be plagiarism free.

3. Your research article/ paper should meet any International Journal publication criteria.

What you will get:

Here is the list of benefits you will get after working with Vijoriya foundation.

1. Volunteer certificate of Vijoriya Foundation for your work done.

2. Certificate from the publisher (if your work got published ).

3. Visibility of your profile on Organization website with your credit of work.

4. New working experience.

5. Any future recommendation if needed.

6. Your work will be available to all online under creative common licence.

Life Members Under Research and Development

1. Shri R. S. AJIN,

Membership Id: VRD-9401

2. Shri Gospel Lebari

Membership Id: VRD-9402

3. Ms Amna Khawar

Membership Id: VRD-9403